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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a passion for fashion! I believe that the fashion industry is one of the biggest industries where women are most successful. Inspiring me throughout the years, designers like Coco Chanel and Tarina Tarantino have transformed, moved, and encouraged me to take fashion risks and learn more about the industry. I have a profusion of goals that I always go after with the ambition and passion to succeed. Having held four positions on my high schools Associate Student Body, playing a junior varsity and two varsity sports, while also being captain and founder of the Saddleback Valley Christian School tennis team I encompass a wealth of leadership. While being involved in many activities, I have still managed to keep focus and maintain a high grade point average. Some of the largest brand names in the fashion industry are both male and female, so how can a female designer stand out in an industry with such strong male competitors? The world at times can be a business, and all the designers I will be discussing within this blog know how to work that business. They know how to appeal to a variety of people while still not losing the image they want to convey. That is what fashion is about.

Open Letter: The Replication of High Fashion Products


Open Letter:

 You know when you walk into a store that is so beautiful you want to get married in it? The feeling when 3 sales associates come up to you and show you every piece of perfectly hand crafted leather you can ever imagine, and as you run your hands over the leather and those perfectly painted famed LV emblems you know it just screams for you? I do. Did you know there was a time where it took 8 days and 30 men to craft together just one Louis Vuitton? High Fashion=High Quality, and that is what you get anytime you purchase something from Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, or any other high fashion designer, nothing but perfection.

 You know when you walk onto a street that is so crowded and dirty you have to be careful where you step? The feeling when someone comes up to you and begs and pleads to show you just one thing, anything of perfectly manufactured pleather, and as you run you hands over the pleather and those not so perfectly painted JU emblems you know it just screams for you?

 I think its time to discuss a very important topic, the replication of high fashion products. This letter is to all of you who buy replicas. I get it I really do, you feel like a winner walking down the street carrying something that you only bought for $25 but someone else bought a different version for $2500. Its empowerment, confidence, a poise that comes over you.

 So many designers poor there heart and soul into their designs, they are everything to them. Working long hours trying to come up with new designs each season, trying to pick out the crème de le crème of products. I can only imagine the feeling when a designer sees his or her designs replicated and sold on the streets.

 Replicating is like plagiarizing and stealing. If plagiarizing is illegal and stealing is illegal how come replicating is not. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines plagiarizing as “to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own”, and Stealing as “to take the property of another wrongfully and especially as a habitual or regular practice”, this is what replicating is.

 It takes hard work to create fashion. Louis Vuitton has 250 employees all of which have specific jobs in creating each handbag. Some of you may not even notice the differences between the real and fake handbags, which is understandable there was a point where I didn’t either. It is very easy to have the mentality that if you can get away with it looking real then why not buy it? I think a lot of my reasoning behind my position on this topic comes from the principality of it. Is the manufacturing and purchasing of replicas the easy way out?

 It takes hard work to create replicas. Aside from street vendors there are hundreds of online websites where you can purchase replicas. The scary part is that they look identical, that it almost becomes impossible to notice any differences at all. This website ( has the best replicas I have ever seen being sold for 90% off. What a steal, right?

 Every female wants to be apart of fashion; it is one of the greatest most long lasting industries in the world, who wouldn’t want to be apart of it? While designer handbags and clothes are thousands of dollars, replicas offer those who cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on one handbag a way out. They allow people to express themselves through fashion without having to mortgage their house or sell something valuable. It is easy and accessible.

 I have had my eye on an Hermes Birkin bag for quite sometime now, the only other problem besides their five digit price is that they are sold out everywhere and come on a first come first serve based three year waiting list. However this website ( provides me with exactly what I want for about 95% off. What a steal, right?

 While Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Hermes are all very tantalizing, they are just too much of a financial stretch for the majority of the world, forcing people to turn to the most affordable and available alternative, replicas.

 While these low priced mirrored replicas are all very enticing, they are just too much of a step down for that minority of the world. I have to say that I would rather spend my money on an original high quality design that I know will essentially last me a lifetime.

 This letter is to all of you who buy replicas. I get it I really do, you feel like a winner walking down the street carrying something that you only bought for $25 but someone else bought a different version for $2500. Its empowerment, confidence, a poise that comes over you. However, I challenge you to go ahead and buy that $2500 design and watch how the smell and feeling of the leather entices you, and watch how that feeling of empowerment, confidence, and poise you once felt will turn its back on you just as you realize it was all meagerness.




I really love my blog I had someone read it today and she saw that one of my posts was written on her favorite designer Tory Burch. When seeing the excitement in her face as she read things about the designer that she never knew was so rewarding! I feel like I have done a good job on my blog, I actually proud of it! While at times I was annoyed to have to post things, overall I am so happy with the outcome, I definitely think that my blog has served its purpose. While of course there are things I could change, overall I am so happy with the outcome and I think I have really learned and developed from this assignment.

KOOLABURRA Veleta Fringe Wedge Boot


Its all about that ONE piece

“I am Fashion” wrote a blog post about a Diane Von Furstenberg and her Keva dress, telling how much she loves the dress and all of the wonderful things about it. I really like this post because even though it is about fashion it is completely different from my whole blog. So for this post I am going to take a little differently, I am going to talk about a pair of shoes, my favorite pair of shoes. The Chestnut Koolaburra Veleta Fringe wedge Boot aka pure prefection.  

From the feel of the suede to the sound of the fringe moving when I walk, this shoe possess personality. I feel better when I wear them, more confident and poised. I must admit while I do think Koolaburra is amazing it is not my favorite designer, its odd how your favorite designers dosent design your favorite piece of clothing, accessorie, or shoe.

This shoe is so fun and honestly looks good with so many things. A lot of you may think that this shoe is just to crazy and too much of a risk, thats what I thought I just tried it on to see what it looked like (aka thinking it was not going to look good). However everyone always says that in fashion you take risks. 

So I encourage you step out of your comfort zone, fashion is supposed to be fun! wear an all black outfit and put in a pop of color with bright blue shoes or a bright purple purse.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&fp=29fcee2cd325106b&biw=1078&bih=651

What Fashion has done to models


What Fashion has done to the Models:

I have decided to discuss something I think is very important part of the fashion industry… models. Something I have noticed and I am sure you have too is that probably 98% of models are stick skinny and over six feet tall, so models are therefore an extremely small percentage of the population. If models are supposed to be modeling clothes that we are all supposed to wear then how come they do not look like any of us.

Chanelle Astrof’s “Passion or Obsession” ( shows just how crazy and creepy a models life can be. Models are often time forced to be an uncomfortable and un realistic situations. Steven Meisel has an obsession with women and often times photographs them nude or in awkward situations.

Dont believe the rumors, models don’t have it that good, they don’t get to keep the clothes and shoes and they get paid maybe $200 per job which is not a consistent job. Constantly being in society’s eye models are scrutinized daily, told to change something about themselves or to look different. Shows like America’s Next Top Model (one of my favorites) and A Model Life, do give viewers a peak into this brutal world, but may not always be the most realistic view of the industry.

Movie stars, singes, and athletes all pose as role models for many, however models are the only role model who are chosen solely based on their appearance. So most of the time models become the people that many would want to look like. Now what kind of message does it send to young girls when they see all of these stick skinny models walking the runways? Not a very good one!






Table 1: Some anthropometric characteristics of women.  Note that the fashion model measurements are from the mid-1990s; current high-fashion models are thinner.
Type Number  Height  BMI  WHR Waist-bust ratio Bust-hip ratio Weight (pounds)
Fashion models 300 5’ 9.7” 17.57 0.71 0.72 0.99 122
Glamour models 300 5’ 6.5” 18.09 0.68 0.66 1.03 114
Normal women 300 5’ 5.4” 21.86 0.74 0.80 0.92 133
Bulimic women 30 5’ 5” 23.66 0.77 0.83 0.93 142
Anorexic women 30 5’ 5” 14.72 0.76 0.78 0.96

*This table shows the how models in the 1990’s where skinny but not as skinny as they are today. In todays society when something is seen as pretty, sexy, or beautiful people will take it to the extreme aka anorexia and plastic surgery those are extremes.

Society needs to realize what it is doing. I do not think that there is anyway to fix this, how are you supposed to erase from your brain what is considered beautiful or sexy?

America’s Next Top Model is a wonderful example of women who crave this business. For those of you have never seen the show it is about finding America’s next top model (duh), the show is hosted by super model Tyra Banks who puts the girls through vigorous challenges, photo shoots, and eliminations. In one of the most recent episodes the girls where filmed for a video starring the 4 finalists, Tyra Banks, and one of the most famous male super models today Tyson Beckford.

Take a look:

I really love America’s Next Top Model because its about women who truly want to be models. The show shows the more realistic side of modeling, while constantly making sure that all the contestants are healthy and portraying themselves in a way that is respectable and commendable.




I think it is time to address a very big issue within fashion. FAKES!!! When people travel to New York or Vietnam the number one thing to do is go to those small vendors on the streets and buy those iconic fake purses or sunglasses. This may seem rude but if you cant afford the real thing then instead of buying something that is fake, just save your money till you can afford the real thing. 

On cycle 14 of Americas Next Top Model, they did a photo shoot where the models modeled on the streets of New York City wearing fakes.

If I where a designer I would be insulted to find someone selling replicas of my hardwork on the streets. Imagine how much hardwork goes into picking fabrics, colors, prints, styles, shapes… of designs. Replica shopping has sky rocketed and the availability of it has become just as easy as buying normal merchandise. Did you know that when a replica is made it is trademarked and copyrighted in that persons name?

     My parents recently came back from a buisness trip to Hong Kong where they had a blast at the “Ladies Market”. The “Ladies Market” is filled with replicas, and if I may admit some pretty good ones! From Rolex to Louis Vuitton they have got it all. I got to get a close look at some of these relicas and honestly, if you didn’t know your designers well you would have no idea of this stuff was real or not. You can get replicas for up 90% off!

The Department of Homeland Security ( actually has rules about tansporting replicas from country to country, how bizarre is that? This industry has sky rocketed! Legally you can only bring one replica per person in to the United States.

            I believe that Fashion is a beautiful things, and it is honestly annoying when people abuse others people work and try to replicate it. What are your thoughts on this subject?,r:15,s:45&tx=39&ty=68,r:12,s:0


It’s all about the TRENDS!

With 2011 coming to end soon I thought I would recap some of the most influential trends throughout the year! Personally I think 2011 has been a success. With in the fashion industry this year there have been new innovative designs that have captured women everywhere and old designs that have inspired people throughout the years.

FALL 2011:

Leather (Biker Clothing) Sequence and Beading

                                                                                    “60’s Lady Like Look”

“70’s Glamour”

SPRING 2011:

Low Necklines

Maxi Dresses



Tail Hems

Many would say that fashion repeats its self, but I tend to disagree. Although some looks are similar to others I believe that designers add their own personal touch to each piece giving it a new feel and look. Out of all of 2011 my favorite look is the tail hem, I love how when you walk the tail flows behind you.

What do you think about the 2011 fashion trends? I think this year has been one of the better, offering something old and something new. Do you see flaws within these fashion trends, or would you consider them a success?

The top 5 trends however have worked their way to the top being the must haves of the season!


  1. Fedora

  2. Neutrals

  3. Faux Fur

  4. Flat boots

  5. Wide leg pants

Something that I love about all 5 of these pieces is that they are so universal when can you not where a nude shoe, wide leg pants can be dressed down or up, Faux fur always looks chic but doesn’t harm any animals, and fedoras look great with jeans or dresses. Every girl needs these top 5 trends in their closet! Let me know what you think about these trends.

  • CLICK ON PICTURES TO ENLARGE–spring-2011-fashion-trends-spring-summer-2011-4073.html#spring2011looks—Top-Five-Trends-in-Fashion-516908111,r:5,s:0&tx=41&ty=40,r:15,s:29,r:12,s:0&tx=34&ty=93–oscar-hits-and-misses&docid=sws-vxqab1T5eM&imgurl=,r:15,s:0&tx=9&ty=40,r:13,s:0&tx=78&ty=68,r:4,s:0&tx=124&ty=75,r:0,s:0&tx=159&ty=82,r:9,s:0&tx=102&ty=65,r:9,s:0&tx=102&ty=65,r:12,s:0,r:18,s:0&tx=86&ty=80,r:16,s:0&tx=48&ty=91

Who runs the Fashion Industry?


Men vs. Women… Who Runs the Fashion Industry?

     I have decided to switch things up a little bit and bring up something that I think is very important. Over the years I have noticed that males are way more dominant in the fashion industry. Isn’t there something wrong with this picture? Aren’t women supposed to know all about fashion, not men? When I think of high fashion I think of Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Christian Louboutin, and Manolo Blahnik, who are some of the most famous designers in the world, who just happen to all be men. Once again men run another one of the most successful and influential industries in the world.

     Louis Vuitton (one of my favorite designers) is one of the most and if not the most well known designers in the world. Valued at 24.3 billion dollars Louis Vuitton was named the most luxurious brand this year for the sixth year in a row. Do you think it is wrong to just accept the fact that men may be more dominant in an industry that we “should” be running? I don’t think so… I think it is perfectly fine, there are certain things that women are good at and certain things that men are good at. Technically when you think about it us women are the ones fueling the fashion industry, therefore we are the ones making the male designers the most successful, aka more successful than us women! I love Fashion and most of the time I do tend to buy a lot of designs designed by males.

    I know this is a bazar way of thinking of it, but sometimes I wonder if some women buy things designed by men because they know that it is something that men will actually like.  Mostly though I think a lot of people don’t really think or care whether it is a male or female who designed whatever they are buying.  However I do find it very interesting that men are more dominant in the fashion industry. Do you think that there is any significance to this idea?,r:2,s:0&tx=115&ty=61,r:4,s:0&tx=70&ty=60,r:0,s:0&tx=53&ty=79